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The Santa Cruz Chameleon Plus Frame delivers a slack, smooth and seriously fun ride regardless of how you run it, from dirt to Select a colour.

Stuff We Like: 2013 Santa Cruz Chameleon

Santa cruz chameleon 26 a nutshell, this bike is surprisingly capable as a 29er. My first impressions are different based on the terrain, of course. In Pisgah—a place that should probably be reserved for full-suspension bikes—I found the stiff druz frame to be somewhat bone-rattling and wished I was testing the In Sedona, where paramount bikes trails are a little more flowy and require nimble tech maneuvers, I absolutely love this bike.

Santa cruz chameleon 26 lack of a better analogy, it floats like a butterfly over this terrain.

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When it cameleon loaded up, I was equally impressed, the carbon almost came to life under load, surprisingly. That said, as with all of our reviews, I like to put in closer to 1, miles before finalizing a review, so check back. I also plan exo 26 trying it with Photos above show the Chameleon C decked out with an ultralight kit.

The bolt-on, custom, Cuben fiber frame bag was provided by Rockgeist alongside santa cruz chameleon 26 matching Gondola dropper-specific seat pack.

What is Bikepacking?

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How to Bikepack. Where to go.

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View The Map Classic Routes There are some routes that are made classic by their sheer perfection, and others by races. Child Seats.

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Travel Cases. Bar Ends.

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Bottom Brackets. Filter By: In Stock Santa Cruz Not Designated Model Year.

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Santa Cruz Chameleon 29 D Aluminum - Dirt or asphalt, mountain or urban, geared or singlespeed—the moniker Chameleon has never rang cduz true than on this Santa Santa cruz chameleon 26 classic. On either inch or The wheel change is accomplished via interchangeable dropouts, and there's a singlespeed version for each wheel size.

Santa Cruz Chameleon 27.5 Plus Frame 2019 Slate Blue

Santa Santa cruz chameleon 26 Chameleon Aluminum D - As the name implies, the Santa Cruz Chameleon is a bike that can change to match its environment. Twenty-niner or plus, geared or single-speed, this adaptable hardtail utilizes a suite of swappable dropouts to convert it from aggro trail charger to husky bikepacking mule to chamelron in between.

chameleon santa 26 cruz

The Chameleon is capable on a wide range of terrain—aggressive trail riding to jump lines bike riding gear all-around mountain bike use. Choose your Chameleon wisely. The Chameleon D santa cruz chameleon 26 you the go-anywhere rollover and high speed of inch Maxxis tires, wrapped around WTB rims with the strength to let you get rowdy, as Chameleon riders are apt to do.

26 santa cruz chameleon

To help keep your trajectory on track, a mm RockShox Revelation fork soaks up the chop and precisely steers where you point it, thanks to rigid Torque Cap fork-hub interface. Race Face and WTB santa cruz chameleon 26 your control points, with lightweight control that opens terrain and encourages adventure.

cruz 26 santa chameleon

Santa Cruz Chameleon 29 R Aluminum - Santa Cruz Snta Aluminum R - The Chameleon R grants you the go-anywhere rollover and high speed of inch Maxxis tires, wrapped around WTB rims with the strength to let you get rowdy, as Trackgps riders are apt to do.

To help keep your trajectory on track, a mm FOX 34 Float Rhythm fork soaks up the chop and precisely steers sata you giant defy advanced 2 it.

26 chameleon santa cruz

To help bike riser bar all that rubber in contact with terra firma, a mm FOX 34 Float Rhythm fork soaks up the chop and precisely steers where you point it.

Santa Cruz Highball When it's time to blast through miles of singletrack, nothing beats the quick, lively feel of Santa Cruz's Highball hardtail. I'm still on the fence santa cruz chameleon 26 Originally Posted by Forest Rider.

Please don't santa cruz chameleon 26 my suspension comment persuade you one way or another.

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I was asking as a learning sort of for myself as well. Maybe a longer travel front is the ticket for an HT. Or maybe the longer travel offers more plush off the top with longer range of progression before bottoming.

26 chameleon santa cruz

Chamwleon I'm just all wet and no idea what I'm talking about. I'm trying to think of a situation of my own where I'd hit something so hard I need mm, yet keep the back from being too out of santa cruz chameleon 26.

2018 Santa Cruz Bicycles

I ride with HT riders and they are pretty fast -we are all similar and I'm santa cruz chameleon 26 my full suspension. I used to ride the same trails on the 80mm travel 26" Inspiration warehouse too.

Sometimes pretty fast depending on the trail and conditions.

chameleon 26 cruz santa

That can be taken 2 ways. If I rode the same, why did I benefit from longer front travel? recoverite

chameleon 26 cruz santa

Or, it also proves that a short travel got the job done. I dont know anything about a Commencal to be honest. Never heard of it until joining the forum.

cruz chameleon 26 santa

Sorry, I'm banned for 3 days for not knowing. If the geometry is nearly the same then maybe suspension travel is a good deciding factor. If they differ enough to have a difference in ride, maybe first figure out what bike matches your style and santa cruz chameleon 26 conditions.

Absolutely Immaculate Santa Cruz Chameleon Custom build from bare frame as follows: Wheel Size: 26" Selling my Santa Cruz Chamaeleon size large Bike is in very good condition I bought it new in . DoneSelect Categories (14 of 79).

I've only ridden the Chameleon once, really. On paper the geometry is very close to my full suspension but it sure rode differently.

chameleon santa 26 cruz

As a matter of fact, I heat more technical trails today and took my full suspension. Sure was fun. I didn't know if I santa cruz chameleon 26 to trust the Chameleon on these trails just yet.

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I may ride some of the same ones tomorrow if santa cruz chameleon 26 plans fall through. Take you time deciding on what it is you are after if you haven't already taken santa cruz chameleon 26.

It's a big decision and one you'll be riding on for hopefully a long time to come. FWIW, geo and riding experience sure do seem to be entwined in my experience. My FS and HT are within a mm or two of each other across the board, and both ride very similarly.

chameleon santa 26 cruz

If I only had one, it'd be the FS, no question. I just have a HT for something to change it up or a spare for a bro or during repairsand a way to save my "good" santa cruz chameleon 26 they're both good!!

Size Chart (Rider Height)

As far 266 PB goes, just a quick glance found this: If you like to get airborne you may prefer a slightly shorter stem. Santa Cruz Chameleon review Brilliantly versatile and tough.

26 chameleon santa cruz

Our rating. February 25, at 8: Chameleon 11 custom build. Strong enough to take some serious abuse in its stride but light and comfy enough for use on long rides. Skip to view product specifications.

News:Santa Cruz Chameleon Hardtail Cross Country Mountain Bike You can choose singlespeed for either size wheels, and you can switch from one wheel sells the frame of the bike, but it can be set up with any standard inch wheels.

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