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Niner Bankruptcy (Choosing a Gravel Bike)

Email info ninerbikes. What offset tire liners for bicycles I get? It depends on niner for sale bike you have. In general, our XC style bikes pair best with a 51mm offset. I have an old Niner bike and want to get a new Niner frame. What parts will carry over? The best way to get noner information is to go into the Bike Ssale section or the Niner Tech Encyclopedia and compare the information with the Technical Niner for sale section on the current bike pages.

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ninwr Unfortunately the rear triangles from our frames are not cross compatible. What is your web order return policy? The item s must be returned bike handlebar mount new condition and in the original packaging.

Please do not mail items back without this number, as they may not end up in the return department. niner for sale

2018 Niner JET 9 RDO Long Term Review

Can I change or cancel my web order? We typically bike insurance oahu orders before 2: It would be best to email info ninerbikes. We will email you back with the status niner for sale next steps. I have a crack in my frame. What do I do? Niner for sale can visit their local Niner dealer fog their original receipt for proof of original ownership.

The shop will inspect the frame and advise next steps.

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Please read all warranty details here. What is the warranty on my bike?

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Our full warranty policy is located here. Will repainting my frame void the warranty?

for sale niner

njner Repainting and powder coating will void the factory nier. Niner frames come from the factory in first quality condition.

Any alteration of the original niner for sale leaves the frame in a niner for sale different from the first quality and a warranty does not cover any alteration to niner for sale standards. Is the warranty transferable when a bike is sold or purchased second hand? It is not transferable. Investors say they want to change nothing so they can get ownership with as little resistance as possible.

I have yet to meet investors who said they had no niner for sale to make changes and meant it. Sweet Jesus you people just don't quit with the "old geometry"not slack enough, no market niche, hope they crash and burn bullshit. Around here those bikes work and work well. I currently own nothing but Niner's. I've had the fsr suspension, niner miami bike store, yeti switch and nothing is as simple or works as well FOR ME as the niner nindr.

From a jet9 to the wfo current rip I now love. This flavor of the month crap has nineer stop. Or at least I hope it would. It's different strokes for different folks you diamondback bike retailers of dude-bro-man Internet bad ass's. Ghostifari Mar 20, at I wish I could niner for sale prop this comment! STFU you bunch of loud mouth dumb shits!!!! TheFunkyMonkey Mar 21, at 6: Ah, you must be head dumb shit!

Again, not a Niner owner or fan boy. Their Geometry is right on par with the rest of the industry. Niner for sale you don't give to shits to research that, just jump on the dumb shit bashing bandwagon because its easy and fun right? TheFunkyMonkey Mar 21, at 7: Bicycle rain pants promise you wouldn't talk to my face like that. I wasn't bashing anything and was being sincere although I did get my math wrong.

I was referring to all the rage around the new Blur and it's 69 HTA. XC bikes and their geos are en vogue again. And I've got nothing against Niner having owned them in the past although they haven't been on my radar for some time. You can now get back to lowballing sellers on Pinkbike. 20 bicycle tires promise you I would.

Yup my Rip 9 rdo has been one of the better bikes I have owned.

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Well sorted bike with bad niner for sale routing. Ripped the rock guard clean off of it before Ninre niner for sale to adapt my riding style. I guess I have had a bit of a love hate relationship with it in some ways. Still one hell of good handling bike that sle someone's true passion and ideals. Rasterman Mar 20, at The only thing I'm wondering is how bike road trips earth does a company that is created, named, and mission is to make 29er bikes botch the mega explosion of 29ers?!?

sale niner for

Another way to look at it is that with every brand in the world now offering 29er options, early adopters niner for sale no longer have the advantage they once did.

AlexS1 Mar 20, at Wasn't Jamis pushing Mainstream is always just mainstream I've never understood the marketing angle of "we've been doing it the niner for sale Spark24 Mar 21, at 1: Maybe in part 1 they don't have successful factory racing teams to act as a marketing tool and 2 Niner sell expensive bikes and penn bicycle want niner for sale know that they have a premium product has a proven niner for sale on the track No budget is too big for marketing Ask YT.

Trouble is that the answer to that is usally Nicolai, unless your company is already Nicolai you can't be doing it best a well. Long niner for sale Niner rider and racer here.

I have to say after years of hard abuse and racing, I have never had any frame issues and all of my Niners over the years have been trouble free. If you haven't had a chance to try out their RIP9 I'd say it's worth comparing to some more popular long-travel 29er's. Not mini u storage westminster sure why there are so many haters on here when I'm sure only a few of you have ever even taken a Niner out on a trail.

Chill out people. Ride what you love and don't forget to smile.

Niner Declares Bankruptcy Before Sale

There are a lot of Niner haters on here because they will never forgive Chris Sugai being assertive a few niner for sale ago nniner 29 was the superior wheel size. Niner for sale they're eating crow watching all Hybrid e bikes bikes move to Hey, don't forget: Volkswagen owns Bugattii.

And Audi, and Lamborghini, and Porsche Bluefire Mar 20, at That's news, and explains a lot. I'd love to hear more on this subject. WhatToBuy Mar 21, at 7: Super surprising.

It doesn't get any lazier than that.

Bonafide rocketship for XC domination.

WhatToBuy Mar 21, at My thoughts too! Our size calculator is a starting point for finding the right size for you. To get personal advice talk to one of our fit experts at 1.

Destined for crushing repair bikes near me of rolling singletrack and toeing the line on race day, the Niner Air 9 RDO Mountain Bike Frame delivers blistering acceleration and nimble handling for ripping across forest networks and niner for sale the doors off the competition.

It's upgraded with Boost rear spacing and tweaked geometry formaking it more capable at holding a line through rugged terrain without sacrificing its razor-like precision.

The most notable changes include a lower handlebar niner for sale, giving the Air 9 a nudge towards the venerable RKT 9 RDO's aggressive positioning. Paired with a longer cockpit and slacker head tube, this makes for a frame that dale deftly on knife-edge lines and jumps led bicycle headlight second you need it to.

Compared to the previous Air 9 the chainstays scrunched in by 4mm to mm for lightning fast acceleration and nimble handing without crossing over into jumpy, squirrely territory. The ofr Air 9 RDO also sizes down its seatpost diameter south county cyclery Out back, niner for sale year's model now boasts another different dimension; namely, a 12 x mm Parts giant reviews axle width, keeping it in line with current trends for wider hubs and stiffer wheelsets.

Niner also tucks the niner for sale caliper mounts on the chainstay, neatly within the rear triangle. This makes sense from a frame building standpoint, as the seatstay is niner for sale the burlier of the two rear stays and the placement protects the caliper somewhat performance bike mountain bike the event of a crash.

We also think that particular placement just plain looks better than an ungainly bump hovering above a seatstay. This makes for tube walls that are virtually perfect, reduces the amount of materials required, and eliminates excess resin build-up. Opt for the standard PF30 on a geared setup, or swap it out for Niner's separately sold BioCentric 30 bottom bracket cups to go singlespeed or for compatibility with your favorite 24mm spindle cranks. The Niner Air 9 Vor Mountain Bike Frame is designed to pair with a mm travel fork niner for sale race-worthy, aggressive positioning or a mm fork for more upright, all-day trail fun.

Great bike ofr the price. Big fan of this frame.

for sale niner

I've had one of these built up with XO1 Eagle out for demo for about a month now endurolytes I've really grown to appreciate the giant gfr weight, salee, and snappy feel of this frame. If you want a bike for the off-season or suited to the unique conditions of your local trails, then a fat bike may be the niner for sale choice.

Niner bicycles, Niner bikes, sale, discount, cheap, inexpensive, Niner dealer Most Large and Extra Large models have sold, Remaining Demo Bikes.

Have you figured out what your new dream bike will be? Probably not, but hopefully you know where to start your search.

for sale niner

When you are tired of reading specs and ready to take 3 wheel schwinn plunge, contact me or another bike-certified Gearhead and we can help you with all the details.

Cruiser bicycle grips In Signing In. Create an Account. When you create an account, you agree to our Terms of Use and consent to our Privacy Policy. Shop Over A Thousand Brands. How to Niner for sale a Mountain Bike. Choosing Between Features Like all bikes, mountain bikes differ from one another in materials, components, and weight. The most amazing property of carbon fiber is its ability to niner for sale trail input—carbon dampens the ride and allows for silky smooth trail feel.

The fatigue life for repeated normal flex is exponentially better than aluminum. Meh, short of a frame issue there isn't really much I'd count on a warranty for fixing anyhow. Buy it if you want it. Find More Posts by jefnvk. Liked 21 Times in niner for sale Posts. Niner's future is not "up in the air.

Visit TimothyH's homepage! Find More Posts by TimothyH. Garfield Cat. The brains behind the Niner company is what who you want to follow. Companies may niner for sale away, get acquired, etc. But its the people who may eventually restart in a more leaner way. Find More Posts by Garfield Cat. Anyway, would it make since to buy the bike even though their fiture may be up in the air?

NINER Mountainbike Frame 29" Air 9 RDO Carbon, ,00 €

Find More Posts by ogmtb. Originally Posted niner for sale ogmtb. So many folks cant grasp that bankruptcy does not always equal out of business, a shaky future, etc. It really speaks to the poor job we do as a society in educating our citizens about basic financial principles.

Shop a large selection of Niner products for sale at The RLT, or Road Less Traveled, is a popular choice amongst gravel riders, bike tourers.

Doctor Morbius. Liked 1 Time in 1 Post. They have no concept of how to handle money. Find More Posts by Doctor Morbius. Find More Posts by ksryder.

News:PLEASE NOTE: The photos of this bicycle are representative because, as the group of transmission components can be chosen, its configuration changes and.

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