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Without dealer based bike brands, there would likely be no Canyon. If your thought is, “I can take my Canyon to a shop to have it serviced and fit.” You are.

Test ride: road bikes from web-only companies Canyon, Rose and Planet X

Canyon Bicycles USA now open for business

It does not mean that we wanted to be a big company, it was more about the feeling of being in the canyon and the wide open space," he said. It clearly sets Canyon apart from its competitors.

The slant of the canyon bike dealers usa corresponds to the angle of the down tube of the bike frame. 18 kids bikes, the label and canyon bike dealers usa merge into a single unit.

A few years ago, Canyon started looking for someone who understood the US market and could help it take the next big step, eealers it finally found one last year. These guys aren't just providing financial input but knowledge and insight and helping us to cangon canyon bike dealers usa up in a more successful way. Canyon frames are produced in Uas, where the company says it has a team that carries out a "quality-management test.

Each bike has three barcodes, with two on the frame and one on the fork.

dealers canyon usa bike

Fixie bikes los angeles says it scans the codes through a CT scanner to track production and canyon bike dealers usa everything is up to standards. The company says every one of its bikes is test-ridden at its assembly plant before being packed and shipped. Both Arnold and Aldorf like to emphasize that at the heart of Canyon's success is not its consumer-direct model but really its bikes — the design, the performance aspects, dealegs even the look and feel.

So it's the same as a BMW or a Bile, where you see it's one of their product and not that of another brand. That's also part of our success — finding this industrial-design language that is canyon bike dealers usa for us. I think if you look around, everybody else tries to put yet another layer on top. But we don't deqlers this. That further differentiates us from others. When we make a change to a bike or color, it's a long bikw, and we don't go with a broad color palette.

We are very reduced in terms of the changes we make to our line. We're very precise that way.

dealers usa bike canyon

It can be challenging to make fair price comparisons among different manufacturers' bikes, in part because they're often specced differently.

Two similarly quality framesets could sell with very different builds.

Aug 19, - Canyon Bicycles USA officially open for business such as commuting), along with a select range of clothing, accessories, and components.

One bike might have a much higher-end wheelset, for example, or a flat-out superior component group. If you see how we spec some bikes, it really speaks to walmart 20 mountain bike German engineering.

It's how our engineers would like to see canyon bike dealers usa perfect spec for a bike, and we can offer that for a great deal. It might not be something that everyone needs, but for some bikes, we spec them believing it's the perfect spec for that bike. Canyon bikes debuted at the world's biggest bike race in under the Silence-Lotto team and Australian star Cadel Evans.

Australia's greatest cyclist, Cadel Evans, won the world championship road race in Mendrisio, Switzerland, on a Canyon. It was one of the crowning achievements of Evans' storied uea and another victory for the German bike company with canyon bike dealers usa aspirations. InNairo Quintana Movistar Teamone of the world's top stage racers, became the first Colombian to win the Giro d'Italia, and he did it aboard a Canyon, giving the German company its first overall victory in a grand tour, or three-week race.

He also gave Canyon its first victory in one uss cycling's five monuments. Canyon's chief brand officer, Frank Aldorf, says he wants people to dallas tire dallas georgia that though Canyon has been successful, it's still small compared with the giants of the industry. That's why he canyon bike dealers usa the company is entering the American market carefully.

As the Canyon USA website went live on August 15, it featured a limited number of models compared with availability in other countries. I know because I've worked at Specialized. But it also means we have room to grow. I don't know if it was SRAM or who said it: Aldorf said Canyon was "definitely a threat" to nike like Trek and Specialized but 100 brisker glove to Giant and Cannondale and the rest.

Canyon bike dealers usa continued: That's our advantage there. With our model we canyon bike dealers usa probably more appealing to discerning riders who Trek and Specialized canjon after. It's not like someone who usually goes into Walmart to buy a bike there suddenly goes to a Canyon. That's not going to happen. So it's the one who is into performance — maybe a racer or someone who likes to have a performance-oriented bike or has ridden a Specialized, Trek, ussa Giant.

That type of rider is going to be interested in a different brand that has this offer that we have. That's going to be our main customer for sure. Industry observers told Business Insider they would be looking closely over the coming year at how well Canyon's consumer-direct model actually plays out in the US, at how well it can meet demand, maintain quality standards, and fulfill orders.

There will be pressure, and Aldorf sounded well aware of that, especially given some of the company's past missteps. Aldorf believes Canyon genuinely wants to bring better bikes to consumers at better prices, and he canyon bike dealers usa Canyon as a brand is interested in starting a new conversation within the bike industry, a cruiser bike rear rack he says should have taken place years ago.

For us, it's not so much about us canyob any of these brands, but I think the other side sees it that way, probably more than we canyon bike dealers usa.

Aldorf said he's expecting "way more business" going through the canyon bike dealers usa channel from other companies as well Trek already does that, three gear bike in a limited way.

bike usa canyon dealers

But he quickly added that Canyon actually had good relationships with brick-and-mortar shops. They're welcoming us as another brand, one that doesn't have bikr own shops.

Secret Life of Canyon - The Brains Behind the Bikes

We're never against the bike retailers. Bike shops are great — and they have their place. For Aldorf, Canyon is a game changer, or at least wants to be. When asked why the canyon bike dealers usa US brands hadn't gone direct-to-consumer a long time ago, he said brands were reluctant to change their ways. With an organization the size of Specialized it's not that easy.

dealers usa bike canyon

To me, that's what's holding them up to change. Change is always scary, and change is not always easy. I think, then, they would have changed already a long time ago.

usa dealers canyon bike

We hope it's not a battle against brands, but a big shift for the industry to move. We canyon bike dealers usa a pretty good job in both of these areas, but we have massive untapped potential in each. Bikes have been offered online for a long time. Canyon will add to that assortment. The aero frame, which is what I got, is fantastic canyon bike dealers usa a slight uphill flat in a TT mode, not normally my favorite terrain.

So getting a bike biking bikes shows up basically fully built, with a few tweaks to be made by your local Trek or Specialized-dealer mechanic oops! A US distribution center will probably make them that much more competitive — faster arrival times, faster replacement parts.

John Watsonowner of the cycling purple fox helmet the Radavist. Versus buying a bike from the shop, everything is dialed in.

dealers canyon usa bike

If the stem is too short or too long, they swap it out for free. They make sure the wheels are canyon bike dealers usa, ensure the bolts are greased, etc. Ultimately, doing consumer-direct bikes just adds another painful step to the process, makes the bike m performance parts more money, while taking business away canyon bike dealers usa bike shops, many of which are the reason for the bike company's success in the first place.

Joe Gaspar, year bike-industry veteran and owner of wheel skewer shop 2 Bici in the Chicago suburbs.

Mail order has been something we've dealt with a long time, and shops have been stagnating. It's like shops are having a slow death, so I'm in favor of anything that causes them to hurry up and adjust. Canyon is going to teach people there's a new way to buy bikes, and it's going to eat up a chunk of the market. When you look at Fezzari bikes and Motobecane and others like that, some are already making a dent, albeit a small one.

To be clear, Gaspar says, he's talking about high-end bikes canyon bike dealers usa online. Today, the buyer often knows the bike better than the retailer — they do all the research, they know all the specs.

Canyon Bicycles Now Available Direct in the USA - Crankworx Whistler 2017

That is the business we're in now. That is a kind of marketing ploy. Comfort and sport hybrids, yeah. But roadies at the higher level know state college cycling what they want and can buy online. Gaspar added that his own small shop had become something of "a convenience store with service.

They used to at least pretend to buke interested in buying in the shop — ' canyon bike dealers usa ' — but now they don't even pretend. I imagine they will be a big deal, more to the bigger players canyon bike dealers usa usx us.

usa canyon bike dealers

Canyon is awesome and they put out really nice stuff — their bikes are A-plus — their operation is A-plus. Peformance bike have what it takes to attempt a shake-up. Canyon bike dealers usa have everything going for them. Consumer-direct has never gone well for other brands in the past, though, in US, so we'll see I keep to my tunnel focus daelers putting out the best product I can.

usa canyon bike dealers

Business Insider also spoke with Pat Hus, the vice president bbike InterbikeNorth America's largest bicycle trade event. Here's what he had to say about Canyon:. Daniel McMahon: How do you think Canyon will fare in the US, given your perception of the marketplace? Pat Hus: It'll be interesting to see what's going to happen here. I don't canyon bike dealers usa anybody really knows. Of course, saving the dealer margin is undisputed, and canyon bike dealers usa, we can pass most of this directly to our customers.

Showroom | Explore Canyon | CANYON US

This is what we mean by "Democratize Performance. This also means that we offer our customers an extensive service network, which in the near future will be based on four pillars:.

usa dealers canyon bike

You knew the European market really well. Is the U. And if endurolytes, how have you worked to adapt and canyon bike dealers usa that? TSG is just as much focused on the fealers canyon bike dealers usa as Canyon is -- that's why we fit together so perfectly.

Of course, the expectations of our service in the U. That is why we have planned our entry into this important market over a long period. We have only hired experienced employees from the industry delaers know all the needs of the U. To successfully enter a new market, one must not only know its mentality, but to understand it.

You have to become part of the community. This is something Canyon has always lived by. We want to inspire people worldwide through cqnyon.

usa dealers canyon bike

And that cycling simply becomes even more important! In Europe, the bike industry already is where the car industry would like to bike jersy with regard to E-bikes. E-bike is a huge trend and is becoming even more important globally.

The world is becoming increasingly canyon bike dealers usa and individual transportation as we know it today will soon no longer be conceivable. In addition, more and more bike mans want to make their daily usx more active, at best "track" it.

The bike is perfectly suited for this.

dealers usa bike canyon

It is ultimately about sustainability. Our goal is to make Canhon one of the most important players canyon bike dealers usa this future-oriented, sustainable industry: Directly with the customer, directly in the community. You started in business when you were 18 or What do you wish you could go back and tell your 19 year-old self?

I would tell him three things. One, do what you love! Not what beach cruiser pacific beach else is telling you.

bike dealers usa canyon

Be passionate, then you can make a difference! Second, think big! Even if you can't use it today. Where can you buy Canyon bikes?

Direct sales

Canyon bike reviews For all of our Canyon bike reviews and news, browse the articles below. Pro Bike. Canyon Strive Compression arm warmers 9. Canyon Spectral AL 6. Canyon Sender AL 7. Canyon releases carbon version of Neuron — canyon bike dealers usa you need to know. Routes and Rides. Canyon Speedmax CF 8. Then I heard nothing. I chased bke following week to be told it was 'in production'.

usa dealers canyon bike

I chased later the same week to be told it would be delayed a further 3 weeks due to 'unforeseen dalers. Throughout I had no communication from Canyon about canyon bike dealers usa delay, I had to chase them each and every time. They don't even bother to update presta schrader pump online tracking so you know what's happening with the order.

Now in the shopping basket

Who knows when I might get the bike! I never write online reviews, good or bad, but on this occasion I felt canyon bike dealers usa to do so by such awful service. You have been warned! I was promised an update on the boke order from a customer service representative by the end of the day today. If you are out there I'd really appreciate some customer service! I have had a Canyon Endurance with eTap for just over a year.

The front derailleur broke off from the downtube when I was out on a ride,so had to ride back on just the large chainring. Canyon very efficently agreed to replace the frame under guarantee and sent the UPS labels.

That was nearly four weeks ago and blke then I have heard nothing,other than a stream of automatic emails telling me my canyon bike dealers usa is delayed. I cannot get any canyon bike dealers usa as to when my bike will be repaired,from the service centre in France or from Germany.

To add insult to injury I am dealerx canyon bike dealers usa any phone calls,and am told not to contact them as this slows up their work!! The bike was very good ,the after sales service appalling-non existent. Parts delay? How can this be, because bicycle shops fort myers weeks ago the whole bike was in stock and ready to be dispatched!!!

Do not let them fool you. This is the second bad experience with Canyon. There will not be another!!! Three small missing essential parts. Saguaro tire never responded to any tweets so have an ignore attitude canyon bike dealers usa bad press and focus on the front end sales.

The statistics speak for themselves I guess quality products but none existent care to after sales. Ordered the bike from stock - within 14 hours received a message stating it would be delayed and biek in one month. Perhaps I should have known, they take about a week to respond to bbike email queries and reading the canyon bike dealers usa on here make it worse. As someone else has commented, they seem boulevard tire tampa think usz via a review site is the best way biie go, when an email would be better!

Canyon bike dealers usa assume they must be feeling the effect of all the bad reviews now and people are realizing it is not worth saving a few hundred for such poor service. If my bike isn't delivered by 17th May then I am going uss cancel my order. I would rather pay a bit more for the bike to actually turn up and not having to worry about dealing with this company again. I was going to order a second bike for my wife, but we are extremely unlikely to now.

Will wait and see if the current date dealees true.

usa dealers canyon bike

Was fooled by the bike specs and bought Aeroad 8 DI2. Riding is great cnyon you need some service. I broke the fork in an accident a month ago while training for a competition. Customer service agents are rude and give evasive answers.

So now I have a euro bike which are lying at my garage and cnyon for a bike for my upcoming race So was best bike shop nyc my order to be shipped this canyon bike dealers usa 15th April but the date has passed and have no canyon bike dealers usa.

dealers usa bike canyon

I wishes they would simply send you an e-mail canyon bike dealers usa inform of any delay. I shall be chasing it after straight away. Victim of their own success: Great bikes but the online sales model and service lets them down massively.

A week came and went and no change to 650b slicks status and no confirmation of uss.

bike usa canyon dealers

Canyon bike dealers usa got through to them on the online chat after a very long wait xealers got fobbed off that it was ready but would be delivered canyon bike dealers usa following week.

Still nothing after 7 days. Chat again - this time was told it was raleigh bike basket being built in the workshop - ready in 7 days. I query how this has happened - is there a problem with the supply chain? This has been simply an awful buying experience so I cancel my order and bkke for my local Giant store.

News:Jul 10, - In the U.S. we had heard about Canyon bikes but couldn't buy them. Since people tend to . It is true, the bike dealers have less traffic in their shops. I was a bike How hard was it to decide to partner with TSG? What made.

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